Jain Jewelry Network

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High-End Jewelry at Affordable Rates

Jain Jewelry Network in New Carrollton/Lanham, MD offers a large selection of beautiful gold and diamond jewelry, perfect as a gift to yourself or someone special. We use the best quality materials to give you top-rated products. Be the envy of all your friends and family when they see your sparkling new accessory.

In-House Instant Credit Approval

Your credit score is not a problem here at Jain Jewelry Network. We offer in-house instant credit approval, which means you can start paying for our products right away. The advantage of this option is that we avoid the lengthy and arduous process involving credit, saving time for both of us.

Easy Payments Plan

There’s no need to shell out a fortune for your fabulous jewelry. Through our easy payment plan, you can split up the payments into small, manageable doses. We guarantee no interest, down payment, or hidden charges.

  • Bridal sets as low as $50 biweekly
  • Other items as low as $20 biweekly

  • Jewelry Selling Opportunities

  • No investment needed; Part time only

Wear As You Pay

Here at Jain Jewelry Network, there’s no need to wait until you’ve fully paid your product. We have a Wear As You Pay policy, which means you get your new accessory the moment you’ve made your first payment.

Affiliate Program

We offer a rare opportunity for you to earn money while buying jewelry. Through our affiliate program, not only will you share your love for Jain Jewelry Network, you’ll also receive a commission based on the products they bought. This is a chance for you to multiply your earnings while enjoying the dazzling beauty of our products.

Jewelry Selling Opportunities

  • Earn extra cash by hosting jewelry parties or by referring your friends and family
  • No Investment needed
  • Call for more details